A very warm welcome to In Praise of Greys. If you don’t think greyhounds are the most beautiful, elegant, wonderful creatures walking on earth then you’re probably on the wrong website. If you share that opinion then let’s sit together for a while. Here you can find some information about greyhounds or, if you’re thinking of adopting, find a rehoming organisation. You can also see some wonderful hound pictures and videos, learn a little about greyhounds in art and there’s lots of nice things for greyhound lovers in our shop….which are all our own original creative designs and visit Greyhound VIP for items that can feature your own greyhound. There’s lots of things you can do…send in a picture of your lovely greyhound to star in the gallery or contribute to the glossary (it can be serious or silly!). And you can celebrate the lives of lost hounds on our memorial page. If you love greyhounds we hope you’ll love In Praise of Greys.